StoryXR by NZXR

Create and deploy interactive geolocated augmented reality experiences for your customers.

StoryXR enables multiplayer augmented reality experiences to be created and deployed anywhere. Take your Unity scenes into the world by using spatial anchors to create a new StoryZone. StoryZones can be interconnected and visible to each other, empowering you to create city scale experiences.

History tours, pixelated rain showers, balloon fights with networked physics, saving cows from UFOs, and dinosaur archaeology are some of the geolocated experiences we have created. What would you make?

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Create with Unity

Create amazing AR experiences using the full power of Unity and StoryXR. Create simple or complex systems that can be easily deployed to real life places.

Take it to the Real World

Break out from flat screens and place your content in the real world. StoryXR allows you to anchor your experiences across multiple locations.

Share the Experience

More people, more fun! StoryXR seamlessly enables everyone to share the experience with our real-time colocated multiplayer.

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