We create XR solutions at the intersection of hardware,
software, and humans.

How can we help you today?


We are consistently at the bleeding edge of XR technologies. Our rich experience can guide you to create the best products for your customers.


Our world class development of games, tools, training, and multi-user experiences can take your XR products to the next level.


Our hardware and software deployments have engaged audiences world-wide. We can help get your products ready for life on the road.

Introducing StoryXR

StoryXR enables multiplayer augmented reality experiences to be created and deployed anywhere. Take your Unity scenes into the world by using spatial anchors to create a new StoryZone. StoryZones can be interconnected and visible to each other, empowering you to create city scale experiences.

History tours, pixelated rain showers, balloon fights with networked physics, saving cows from UFOs, and dinosaur archaeology are some of the geolocated experiences we have created. What would you make?

About us

NZXR is a collective of expert game developers who spent five years creating rich XR experiences for Magic Leap. We worked hand in hand with hardware and platform development to bring Magic Leap One to life as the premiere spatial computing paradigm.

Alongside our colleagues at Weta Workshop, we developed the world’s first long-form Mixed Reality action game, Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders, followed by a variety of multi-user experiences and applications.

Our team has previously worked on titles ranging from AAA blockbusters to top grossing mobile games, accumulating over 160 years of combined experience.

Here's a little taste of our experience:

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